environmental & Natural Resources
Jurisdictional Wetlands
The terrain of the Pacific Northwest and proximity to rivers, streams, lakes, and other water dependent ecosystems often requires development to impact wetlands.

Our company can delineates the limits of wetlands utilizing approved methodology, and designs ways to avoid or limit wetland impacts.

Impacts to wetlands frequently require wetland mitigation. We have substantial experience with wetland mitigation by creation, enhancement, wetland banking and off-site preservation methods.

Endangered Species Act Compliance
Projects that impact species protected by the Endangered Species Act receive extraordinary review by the local, state, and federal agencies.

With an open mind and the use of common sense, Our staff can determine that adverse impacts to these protected species are not an inevitable result of development.

Through proactive communication and a complete understanding of the regulations practical and cost-effective solutions to environmental regulations can be obtained.

Project Feasibility
Understanding the environmental constraints of a site before acquiring the property or obtaining detailed development plans and drawings can save the client substantial time and money.

Development issues can be quantified by organizing and coordinating work efforts with in-house surveyors, engineers, and planners.

We have found that this initial review is critical to a project's success, often eliminating many unforeseen costs, duplication of work, and delays.

Public Affairs
Our staff believes that a proactive response to identify concerns, combined with complete and common sense impact evaluation substantially enhances the success of a proposed development.

Meeting with neighbourhood groups, regulatory agencies and additional parties to discuss environmental concerns has greatly increased the success of project approval.

Obtaining Permits
We promote an assertive yet non-confrontational approach to environmental permitting.

We have developed innovative techniques to obtaining approval for difficult projects that initially were opposed by the regulatory agencies.

Combining our knowledge of the regulations with excellent communication, team building, and conflict resolution skills the "win/win" scenario can be achieved.