Construction Management – 12th Ave. NE Sidewalk, City of Kirkland, WA

Widening of Sidewalk in City of KirklandThe City of Kirkland selected CTS Engineers to provide construction inspection services for the addition of 750 feet of new sidewalk along the north side of 12th Ave. NE, and the west side of 110th Ave. NE, starting at the intersection of 6th St., near downtown Kirkland. CTS provided a full-time construction inspector, to ensure compliance with the contract documents. The project was constructed during the summer of 2011.

The project included a 50-foot-long, composite boardwalk over a low-lying wetland area, supported by 4-way, cross steel rods drilled into the native soil (“diamond pier” method). It also included utility adjustments; 500 feet of curb and gutter; 350 feet of pervious-concrete pavement edge; 400 feet of grass-lined drainage swale; and wetland-buffer-enhancement mitigation planting. CTS also managed all on-site sampling and testing during the construction period, utilizing the services of Hayre McElroy & Associates for aggregate sampling and laboratory testing for asphalt and pervious concrete.