147th Lane NE & NE 9th Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement, City of Bellevue, WA

Sanitary Sewer ReplacementUnder an On-Call Design and Engineering Services contract with the City of Bellevue’s Utilities/Engineering Department, CTS recently provided design engineering services for replacing approximately 375 feet of 8” diameter sanitary sewer that collects sewerage from Cascadia Park Number 2, a residential development in the vicinity of the 147th Lane NE at NE 9th Street.

CTS identified the most cost-effective horizontal and vertical alignment to replace the existing sewer, which lies under a wetland and ties into an existing King County METRO Sewer. Contract documents were prepared per the City’s 2010 Standard Details and Specifications.

Following the 50% preliminary plan revisions and approval by the City, CTS’s project manager met with each homeowner in the field to explain the nature of the proposed improvements and the need for obtaining sanitary sewer and temporary access easements. Upon completion of these meetings, CTS revised the plans incorporating the homeowners’ comments, to facilitate acquisition of the easements and construction activities.

CTS recently prepared and assembled the final Bid Documents, and Bids were submitted on June 3, 2014.