Street Improvements for 736 Bellevue Pl. E., Seattle, WA

Street Improvements for 736 Bellevue PlStarting in 2014, CTS has provided civil and structural engineering services for Walls Property Management, in connection with their proposed new apartment development at the lower end of a steep cul-de-sac. The challenge was to design a new “turnaround” that met City of Seattle (SDOT) requirements.

The City required that space be provided for an SU-30 vehicle to be able to turnaround. CTS determined that it was necessary to widen the existing roadway by 4 feet, and install a modified hammerhead turnaround within the proposed driveway of the new building.

In order to accommodate this road widening, CTS designed a new reinforced-concrete retaining wall, with a concrete traffic barrier built into the top of the wall. Utility work includes an 8” water-main extension, sewer and stormwater connections, a stormwater-detention vault, and street lighting modifications.