SR 161, Town-Center Plaza & Corridor Development, Eatonville, WA

Town-Center Plaza & Corridor DevelopmentCTS completed the surveying and mapping for this project, and designed roadway and sidewalk improvements on Mashell Avenue and SR 161, including a new Town-Center Plaza that has now been constructed.

The project included community involvement, close coordination with WSDOT, preparation of a NEPA Environmental Classification Summary, drainage design, traffic signals and illumination, landscape design and traffic control plans.

The four principal components of the project were:

  1. Design of a new Town-Center Plaza, including visitor center, simulated-wood deck, fountain, restrooms, lawn, raingarden, porous concrete parking areas, etc.
  2. Reconstruction of the SR 161/Center Street Intersection, including additional channelization, traffic signals and lighting.
  3. Reconstruction of Mashell Avenue from Center Street to Lynch Street, including curbs, gutters, sidewalks, planter strips, and illumination.
  4. Rechannelization of the southbound SR 161 exit onto Mashell Avenue.